Monday, December 22, 2014


I feel like a bit of a child this year as we near Christmas...I'm so excited!  Only, I cannot wait to give all the gifts I've gotten for people, so I imagine this differentiates me from a child.

I really think my love for Christmas comes from my parents. No matter how poor we were or what the worries were that year, they always made it feel so special.  I definitely get the over the top thing from them for sure!  I grew up looking forward to the traditions; going to look at lights, choir & orchestra concerts, a homemade calendar planning December, etc.  I've enjoyed continuing some traditions & creating new ones with my children.

Oh and get this, yesterday I overhear M telling someone how lucky he was to have me. That I had taken care of all Christmas shopping and everything else so he didn't have to! He noticed!!!
He must want a really great present for Christmas and for our anniversary on the 30th. Haha!

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